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Summertown IRS Lawyer

As everyone else would feel, you might panic and be frightened upon receiving a notice from the IRSβ€”all the more if you are unaware of what went wrong. A tax problem will jeopardize your good financial record and can ruin your bank accounts if the problem is serious.

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You can take a breath of relief, now because Defense Tax Partners will provide you with an experienced Summertown IRS lawyer who can help resolve your IRS tax problems without any hassle.

We will examine your tax situation, help resolve it with the IRS, and make your taxes more comprehensible so you can avoid trouble in the future.

Our IRS lawyers are equipped with the experience and dedication needed to protect and defend our clients.

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Need Tax Help?

The smartest move is to reach out to an IRS lawyer to support you with your tax issues. They are knowledgeable about what to do with your taxes and will aid you in avoiding uninformed decisions, which may serve as a precursor to additional difficulties with the IRS. Defense Tax Partners will scrutinize your IRS tax issue and come up with a strategy to resolve it.

These are a few of the tax issues we can provide assistance with:

Non-Filing of Taxes

florida tax attorneyA failure-to-file penalty would be imposed on taxpayers who have not filed their taxes appropriately. You will be fined an additional 5 to 25% of your outstanding fees per month.

In addition to having to pay fines, you may also end up having to pay more in taxes. The IRS will determine the taxes you owe if you didn’t file a return, and the IRS may not include any tax credits, deductions, and other forms of tax relief that you might have been eligible for.

Unpaid Taxes

Penalties and interest are commonly given for unpaid taxes. For each month (or part of the month), 5% up to 25% of the unpaid value will be applied for any deficient or delinquent payment. Further interest is calculated depending on the current rates of interest.

Unsettled Tax Debts

A federal tax lien can be imposed if you do not pay your tax debt. The IRS can take your property and may sell it to resolve your unpaid tax debt. We will help prevent a tax lien from being imposed. Our lawyers will negotiate to solve the dispute so that you’ll have your property returned as soon as possible.

Defense Tax Partners will be able to deliver professional and legal advice and negotiate directly with the IRS to get the best results for you. We are here to support you if you need to extend the time to pay your taxes or help with settling your tax case.

How Our IRS Lawyers Can Assist You

Our reliable Summertown IRS lawyers from Defense Tax Partners are experienced and professional and are proud to help you with your IRS tax problems.

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Through our years practicing tax law, Defense Tax Partners has been helping numerous types of customers with their taxes and IRS problems. Our attorneys have a good background in Tennessee tax law and federal tax law, and we are familiar with every tactic at our disposal to guide you out of this complicated tax labyrinth. We know how much you want to solve your tax problems effectively and quickly, so we stand ready to help today.

These are a few of the many ways we can assist you:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Lien Removal
3. Tax Resolution
4. Audit Representation
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Penalty Abatement
7. Wage Garnishment Removal
8. Offer in Compromise
9. Innocent Spouse Defense
10. Passport Reinstatement

If you have nagging questions or concerns about your IRS tax situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Summertown IRS lawyers from Defense Tax Partners can be trusted to investigate your tax situation and find the best possible solution as we help you face the IRS.

We are able to defend you in negotiations or court proceedings and help you avoid repeating taxation problems in the future. We will start resolving your concerns about your tax problems as soon as you give us a call!

Call Defense Tax Partners at (615) 235-5792 for your Free Consultation with a Summertown IRS Lawyer!