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Belvidere Tax Debt Attorney

Dealing with debt is hard, particularly if it is tax debt you owe to the state or federal government. The IRS is capable of doing everything conceivable to collect your debts, and if you fail to pay them, they can tack on penalties, increasing your debt and making your situation even more stressful while you are trying to sort out your problems.

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At Defense Tax Partners, our Belvidere tax debt attorneys will help you find workable tax debt solutions without acquiring added tax liabilities. Our trained, experienced, and resourceful lawyers are ready to assist you in dealing with the IRS and in solving your tax debt problems while keeping your current financial situation in full consideration.

Our Belvidere tax law firm can walk you through all the available tax debt relief options and help you apply for the best one for your specific situation. We’ll also make certain that you have all of the information necessary at hand to prevent any impending tax debt crises from getting worse.

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Methods For Tax Debt Relief

With regard to your tax debt, you have several options. Our tax debt experts can guide you through all of these and give you insight along the way. We can also look into other options that we find applicable to your solution.

One vital thing to remember is that each tax debt relief option has its own set of requirements, which we can assist you with if it is appropriate for your case and preferences.

These are the most common tax debt relief methods:

“Currently Not Collectible” Status

Under this status, the IRS will look into your financial status to prove that you can’t pay your tax debt in full and on time. If you are eligible for this status, you can get an extra year to come up with the tax amount you owe the IRS, which they will collect once the year is up. Our experts can help you prepare all the necessary paperwork and speak to the IRS on your behalf to better convince them to grant you this status.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Income tax debt can be discharged if you file for bankruptcy and meet particular requirements. Your debt will not be discharged if you have engaged in intractable tax evasion or fraud. Note that this only applies to you if you submit false information on purpose, not to those who made an honest mistake.

Innocent Spouse Relief

The IRS can hold one spouse responsible for a family’s entire tax liability, including penalties and interest, despite the fact that the other spouse netted all or majority of the income. If you have no knowledge or control over the family finances, or you played a minor role in preparing the joint tax return, this conjugal accountability may appear to be unfair. If you can prove your did not wittingly participate in the improper filing of tax returns or in evading the tax, you may be eligible for tax debt relief.

Installment Plans

If you fail to fully pay your tax bill, you can appeal for an installment plan to pay off your tax debt over time with scheduled payments. Because the government is liable to protect its interests, if a payment plan request is accepted your may have to pay a down payment or be subject to a lien being posted on your property to guarantee your payments. You must follow any terms and conditions imposed on you, or you will face penalties or collection actions. With regard to your unpaid liability portion, penalties and interest will continue to increase.

“Offer in Compromise” Program

Under certain situations, the Department of Revenue may consent to a settlement of your liability for less than the full amount owed if it is determined to be a compromise between your best interests and the government’s. Just be prepared to strictly adhere to all of the IRS’s terms and conditions, including submitting all required tax returns, completing the application, and providing supporting documentation. Defense Tax Partners will help with all of that paperwork.

Tax Debt Relief Options

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Given the variety of tax debt relief options available, Defense Tax Partners understands how difficult it is to decide which one to pursue.

Our Belvidere tax debt attorneys can do that for you by assisting you in better understanding your tax situation, implementing the best tax relief option to control your tax debt, and educating you on how to avoid tax issues in the future. Our professionals have years of experience and are well-versed in state and federal tax laws and penalties.

The following are some of the services we can deliver to you:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Passport Reinstatement
3. Tax Resolution
4. Tax Lien Removal
5. Offer in Compromise
6. Innocent Spouse Defense
7. Bank Levy Removal
8. Audit Representation
9. Wage Garnishment Removal
10. Innocent Spouse

Don’t get your tax debt cause you further complications. Call Defense Tax Partners, and we will be at your side through the resolution of your tax dispute. We can also give advice to help you avoid falling into tax debt in the future.

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Defense Tax Partners has years of experience helping clients get through their tax debt issues. The tactics we use in resolving tax debt cases have gained great reviews from former clients, so you can rest assured we will take that same care when with the legal services we offer you.

We will examine your current financial situation and tax records, strategize for the best available outcome of your case, and even negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Our Belvidere tax debt attorneys can also answer your tax questions in a comprehensible manner and help bring you back to financial stability with more knowledge in how to handle your taxes.

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